The Congregation of Saint Michael Archangel (Michaelite Fathers) was founded in Poland by Blessed Bronislaw Markiewicz. It is a community of priests and brothers who work in Poland, the cradle of the Congregation, as well as in Belarus, the Ukraine, and in 2 Provinces and 2 Vice Provinces and 2 Delegations. The Congregation currently has 265 priests, 18 brothers, and 50 seminarians in temporary and perpetual profession, as well as 14 novices. In Poland we have 31 communities, and there are 59 other communities abroad. The Michaelite Fathers run 3 Major Seminaries and 3 Novitiates. They exercise their pastoral and educational ministry in 15 countries. Some Michaelite Fathers are also working in the Vatican.
Blessed Founder also gave the beginning to the Michaelite Sisters. The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel currently has 253 professed members, including 9 sisters in temporary vows, 4 novices, 2 postulants and 2 aspirants. The Congregation has 29 religious communities in Poland and another 8 homes abroad. The Sisters of the Congregation work in 6 European countries and some sisters work as missionaries in Cameroon.
The Michaelites have been working in the Diocese of London, Ontario, Canada, since 1962. They form the North American Vice Province. The headquarters, Michaelite House and Retreat Centre, owned by the Congregation, is located in London, Ontario. In the Diocese of London our Congregation has custody of two parishes: Our  Lady of Czestochowa (Polish-English) and the St. Mary's (Italian-English). Since the year 2000, the Congregation also serves in the Archdiocese of Toronto where the Michaelites have custody of St. Teresa's Parish (Polish-English) and Christ the King (Polish-English) in Etobicoke, Toronto. The remaining priests have assignments as pastors and associate pastors in various parishes of the Diocese of London. Currently, there are 14 Michaelites belonging to the Vice Province, with one senior priest among them. In addition to the apostolic pastoral duties, which are done in Polish, Italian, and English, the Michaelites also direct a retreat centre, organize pilgrimages, lead parish missions, and  offer group retreats.

Since July 1, 2012 the Congregation took custody of St. Clare parish with Fr. Andrew Kowalczyk as the pastor. This is the first parish in the USA run by the Congregation.  

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