• Holy Week Celebrations
      Holy Thursday:
      7:30 p.m. Celebration of the Lord's Supper
      (The Church will be open until 10:00 p.m. for Adoration)
      Good Friday:
      • 12:00 p.m Celebration of the Lord's Supper
      •  3:00 p.m Stations of the Cross.
      •  7:00 p.m Celebration of the Lord's Supper
      Holy Saturday:
      • 12:00 p.m. Easter Egg Hunt
      • 12:05 p.m. Blessing of Food
      • 8:00 p.m. Solemn Celebration of the Easter Vigil
      Easter Sunday:
      • Masses: 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
      • There is no 5:00 p.m Mass 
    • Welcome to St. Clare of Montefalco Parish!
      We are delighted to have you visit our website.  Here you will explore vibrant spirit of the parish and all of the opportunities for spiritual growth and education that St. Clare Parish and School have to offer you and your children. 

      Located at the corner of Mack Avenue at Outer Drive, St. Clare is a modest-sized parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit, founded by the Order of St. Augustine.  Many Augustinians and Dominican Sisters ... read more
    • Fr. Andrew's Lenten Message
    • Pastoral Plan
      We are eager to engage you in our pastoral plan. We already have remarkable things happening in our parish and we want to celebrate and build on that foundation recognizing that more can be accomplished. 
      We welcome your involvement in our parish: as a member of the parish council, commissions, or the various ministries and we ask you to pray and discern your personal involvement. Please give us your feedback on this parish vision.

      View Plan || Prayer for our Parish
    • JOIN US! Alpha Program
      Join Us Thursday's for ALPHA! click to download 2014 schedule
      The Alpha course covers the basics of Christianity. It answers questions like: Who is Jesus?, and Why did he die? The Alpha course usually lasts 10 weeks, with a day or weekend getaway in the middle. Each week, guests gather for about two hours. They share an informal meal, sing a few songs, listen to a talk on how Christianity approaches the question at hand, then gather into small groups for discussion.
      The talks each week act as a springboard for small group discussions...read more
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    • Letter from Archbishop Vigneron
    • Parish Highlights
      • April 10, 2014 | by George Cascos
        We hear that the founding fathers of the United States were not all Christians. We know that Thomas Jefferson was a deist. A deist believes that there is a God who created the world but once it was created, God went away and left the world “to run” like a clock.
      • April 3, 2014
        The Alpha Course will meet again next Thursday April 10th and we will view Fr. James Mallon's Alpha for Catholics Video. The content of his talks are true to the original Alpha content but offered from his Catholic experience.
      • April 3, 2014 | by Bob Conway
        Many thanks to the forty plus volunteers who participated in Field Day at Joseph Simoncini Field last Sunday. After a very long winter it was nice to see signs of spring. The most noticeable sign of spring for me is seeing baseball diamonds in use. The group picked up debris, groomed what we could on the field, located the pegs for the various bases, and spruced up the entire area.
    • Parish Mission Statement

      We bring together and welcome into our Catholic Community a richly diverse people to pray, to serve, and to learn in the name and presence of Jesus Christ.

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